Careers in the FDA

The FDA or the Food and Drug Administration is a government organization that is tasked with the duty of analyzing the risks and threats to the health of the American people from the new drugs and food products that are being introduced into the market. It is a very important agency whose presence is an assurance for the people that the food they are eating and the drugs they are using pose no danger to them. Moreover, the FDA is also responsible for enforcing the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act and other laws pertaining to the Public Health Service Act. There are a number of careers in FDA that a person can pursue granted he/she is interested in public safety and doing research.

Scientific Research Jobs

Since the FDA is basically a health safety agency, a lot of its tasks are related to scientific research. People having a background in biology or pharmacology have a very realistic chance of carving out a successful career in the FDA. Working in the state-of-the-art FDA research labs is going to help you in putting your skills and knowledge to good use, as well as to learn a lot about the various new technologies that are being used for health safety purposes. Moreover, it is also going to give you the chance to do something good for the society as well since you would be able to lend a hand in preserving the lives of millions of people. Furthermore, it will be very productive for your professional development as well.

In order to become a scientific researcher at the FDA, you must have the proper qualifications and some experience in the field of research. More importantly, you must have a passion for public health and want to do something for the benefit of the people. Hunger for research and finding out new safety methods are also among the prerequisites for becoming successful in the field of scientific research at the FDA.

Administration Jobs

There are a number of administration jobs up for grabs at the FDA as well. The agency has a number of offices located all over the United States and it requires people to oversee the staff that works there. There are offices of the FDA located in other countries as well which have to be manned with administration staff. People who are interested in a career in administration would love to work at the regional or foreign offices of the FDA.

To be considered for the job in an administrative role at the FDA, you must have experience of man management and a great deal of knowledge about the FDA. Such a career can be beneficial for you on so many levels. It can enhance your professional portfolio and give you the chance to become a regional head of a federal agency. Moreover, you get to be a part of an agency that is trying to safeguard the health of the people and to ensure that the consumer products being used by the American people are safe.

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